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No Dark Corners!

Do you ever get the impression that something is missing in a room? Or maybe there is too much? It often happens to me ... Everywhere I go I notice the colors of the walls and floors, the paintings hanging on the walls, points of light and colors. The space in which we live is important: the lights, the colors are essential to create a place where we feel comfortable. Many people are more sensitive than others to the energies that an environment can give us (both positive and negative) and I am one of them ... By nature I am paradoxically a messy person, and every day I try not to be ... in compensation, however, are very attentive to colors and lights! I can't stand empty walls and pictures stuck to the wall without meaning and without color matching. And the lighting? Very important ... I have several lanterns scattered around the house and I rarely turn on the main chandeliers, I prefer diffused and relaxing lights that create a more magical and warm atmosphere. Yes to lights and lights! No to dark corners!

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